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We have a wide selection of sewing notions available and many more will be added as time permits. Bookmark this page and come again to view more sewing notions as they are added. If you can't find what you are looking for feel free to send an email.

Rotary Cutter 45mm by Clover Ergonomic Rotary Cutter 45mm by OLFA    

Soft cushion handle rotary cutter cuts fabric beautifully just the right amount of blade exposed, whether held upright or at an angle. For Right and Left handers.

The blade is reversible, making the cutter a true left or right hand product. The cutter will accept the pinking/wave/standard blades. Button can be used to lock cutter in closed position.

AU$29.95 inc GST

AU$45.00 inc GST

Petal play Appli-bond Needles 3pc pack Schmetz Universal Machine Needle Size 10/70 5pc pack    

These three-sided needles significantly enhance the ease of attaching your appli-bond pieces. They are designed to pass through multiple layers of fabric with little resistance, which reduces fatigue.

Light ballpoint needle for all woven and knitted fabrics. Designed to prevent shredding and breakage when sewing with metallic and other machine embroidery threads.

AU$5.95 inc GST

AU$4.75 inc GST